Clash meets the author of 'All Gone'.
Michael Dupouy

Saturday night brought with it the London arrival of legendary streetwear author and curator of cool, Michael Dupouy. Hitting Soho to celebrate the launch of the 2012 edition of his annual street wear bible 'All Gone', Michael arrived sucking on a strawberry lollipop and looked a lot more excited to meet his waiting fans than most people mid-way through a world tour tend to.

The event, put on by Puma and taking place at Foot Patrol (a streetwear and sneaker institution in itself), was attended by a mix of fans who'd queued outside in the cold to pick up their own limited edition copy (this years has a paisley print cover) as well as various faces from the street wear scene. Michael was friendly and enthusiastic as he spent the evening simultaneously signing books and eating sour skittles, and took some time to answer a few questions Clash had for him..

How has streetwear evolved since you first published 'All Gone' seven years ago?

I started 7 years ago, but I can tell you about more than 20 years cos I grew up with it and it was the key to my life since the beginning, before I had a job in this industry. I was first a passionate kid who had started to collect... Records, vinyl at the beginning and then sneakers and everything. I think it was not a private club, but something very underground years and years ago, and thanks to the web and thanks to the popularity of some artists and some brands we can say now its a global and mainstream culture. On the one hand it's cool, but on the other one, some people are complaining about this big thing and would rather the underground back. I'm not here to say whose going to bring back the underground but I would love to say its a better time now than it was before because all of the people who struggled to survive in this industry, who were still independent and having problems. It's cool for their recognition because they were pioneers and now... Well, forget the end.

How difficult is the curation process of the book?

It is more difficult now because if I don't look at the Internet for 3 days I've already missed how many? 3, 4 hundred new products and collabs and new things, so it's more complicated now because there's so many new things coming... But on the other hand maybe it's a more simple time because the book is becoming more famous and it's easier for me to have the product I want from the brand directly. When we started, I was almost forced to buy everything I wanted so I could have it and its more professional.. But I will still include only the products I want in it, but trust me, if I went for 1 week in Thailand without the Internet... I'd be dead!

What's your favourite sneaker in the book this year?

Nike Free Endevour - I want new things, I want the brand to invent future!

And you put this launch on with Puma, what's your favourite Puma product?

The gold undefeated ones and the snakeskin ones from the same series - they came out last year. They remind me of shoes I love, and I love snakeskin

Words and photo: Hayley Louisa Brown


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