The French label releases a new line, beginning with the Monsoon.

Côte&Ciel is about to drop a new collection titled Memo – a completely new diffusion line with a focus on lightweight functionality – so Clash thought they’d give the sure-to-be hero piece of said line a quick spin, visually.

Assessing the Monsoon then through the power of sight, it’s clearly a backpack that is also a tote bag, clearly. In this mixed up world of skorts, strapless bras and reversible jackets, the Monsoon is just another piece of the jigsaw, in the best possible way.

The makers claim it’s ‘only ever as big as you need it to be’, which for fans of Mary Poppins bags (the kind that go on and on and on), is an ideal quality.

Named after a wind – like all of its Memo collection pals – such reference to nature identifies with the fluidity and sense of freedom such a purchase ensures. ‘Less baggage is more useful’ the Parisian collective says, and they’d be right: simple and effective FTW.

Moreover, what appears at first glance as a printed houndstooth pattern, the bag’s fabric is in fact of the woven variety, ensuring upmost strength.


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