Featherweight and forward thinking…

Using the clock on your phone is a tacky way to keep track of time, that invariably leaves you looking like an Instagram fiend continuously hitting refresh. Here at Clash, we’ve graduated from this nasty habit, having just discovered our dream watch brand MAM Originals.

Designed for the style-conscious and eco-conscious alike, the ethical fashion company is based Barcelona, but has gained international renown for their beautifully simple timepieces. 

True minimalism is a tricky business, that entails an intense attention to detail, and MAM Originals have not only mastered this, but also surpassed themselves with their new Stainless Collection. Whilst being the thinnest and lightest design offering to date, these new models are also their most powerful.

Conscientiously crafted, styles are composed of a range of high quality recycled materials including ebony, maple hardwood, and a stainless teak – from which the range gets it’s name. The company has also pioneered the use of a grey wood, that’s never before been seen in timepieces of this kind.

Bolstering their uniqueness, each MAM Originals watch is finished with a durable vegetable leather strap, with no two straps ever the same. The overall stylings of the watch also lends perfectly to individuality. Smart, yet somehow relaxed in it’s paired down approach, each model works perfectly for all manner of fashion approaches, and occasions, from work to partying. Ideal then, for the yearly occasion that combines both most dramatically - your office Xmas celebrations. Where let's face it, a stylish reminder of when it's time to call it a night, will definitely be handy. 



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