Dr. Martens' new Camden Market store
The iconic boot maker sets up shop in its spiritual home...

When you picture Camden, and its busy streets, filled with market stalls, piercing and tattoo studios, and blaring music, you invariably imagine yourself stomping along its cobbles, strapped into a pair of Doctor Martens.

The famous leather boot manufacturer has slotted neatly into a gamut of subcultures the area has been a mecca to over the years, from flannel clad grunge devotees to trench coat wearing, Matrix-inspired cyber-goths. Celebrating this fact, the brand have declared the area its ‘spiritual home’ by laying down the foundations of a physical one.

Opening its doors this month, the new Doctor Martens Camden Market flagship, is situated in a 4000 square foot space spread across two floors, that’s been converted from a 19th century stables block. As well as presenting a range of DM product – including a selection of limited edition designs that are exclusive to the store, the space also houses interactive elements, to help shoppers better understand the company’s authentic connection to various music and youth culture movements.

Naturally, Clash’s favourite aspect is the permanent stage and backline pictured above, that’s supported by Marshall Amps and Natal Drums, which is set to be filled with a year-round programme of music activation in collaboration with Mixcloud. The perimeter of which, is filled with music memorabilia that dates back to the 1960s, including donations from The Joe Strummer archive. An easy way to turn some post bank holiday blues retail therapy, into a full blown cultural expedition. 



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