Nascimento exchanges rollnecks for spaghetti straps.

Where last season was all leather, wool and rollnecks, yesterday saw Lucas Nascimento present spaghetti straps, exposed midriffs and microfine silk.

Inspired by Brigitte Bardot stepping out in a towel in the film ‘Le Mepris’, the designer’s realisation felt more gym appropriate, in the best way possible.

There was romance for sure – executed beautifully in the way the straps fell off the models shoulders as if lifted by a lover – but the colours and prominence of white felt clean.

Hair was ‘sweaty’ at the front, and dresses looked like towels; even tops had the fold of a towel poking out at the front, while hemlines had a triangular slit detail. Fastenings were absent to the eye, as jackets and shirts simply hung open, a further reference to the nature of a towel.

Leather made an appearance but colours were kept cool; this felt like a summer collection.

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