A polished collection with just a hint of the street.

Be it a phone case, cassette tape or transfer tattoo, the House of Holland show invite each season offers a strong indication of what will walk the runway. Hence the latest line of Pretty Polly’s were adorned with lookie-likie tattoos and the same heart motif was printed across dresses, tops and trousers.

The pink and purple cloud like blobs – featured on the tattoo’s packaging – were revisited for the catwalk with the addition of a mirror at the ‘walk’s entrance, to the left of which sat Holland’s proud mother, phone in hand wrapped up in a fluffy grey knit on the front row.

What was presented was a typical Holland collection; bright colours, a signature print, kitsch sunglasses and a host of occasions. There was a vibrant purple lace dress, a cotton T-shirt with the Virgin Mary across its front (and a leather jacket with the same image on its back), knitted checks and 50s silhouettes akin to last season.

Across body key and phone holders - gun holsters - complete with phones in relevant Holland print, echoed the Mexican gangs that inspired the collection. With the help of MIA and Angel Haze on the soundtrack, this created a street element to what was otherwise a polished collection.


All images from www.style.com.


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