LFW By The Make-Up Artist

Anne Sophie Costa talks us through her week.

To conclude our London Fashion Week coverage we asked make-up artist, Anne Sophie Costa, to tell us a few things about her five days in fashionland. This is what she had to say (cue much excitement from the lady who does this daily)…

Being part of London Fashion Week is always amazing as a make-up artist; I always, always get so inspired by everyone who surrounds me. Everyone is so creative and I love that!

It was quite different for me this time, as I was assisting the lovely Lotten Holmqvist. It was really nice, I assisted her on the trials for Claire Barrow and James Long a few days before the shows, so got to have a preview of how it would be in the show! Super exiting!

Claire Barrow wanted a contour look. The skin was illuminated and glowing, using a concealer only where needed and a pearl illuminator on the cheekbones. A chocolate pencil eye liner was used on the line of the lashes, from half of it to the end, and underneath the eyes, very light and smudge, just to give definition to the eye, and illuminator on the center to the lid was added to create a modern lacquer on the lids. Lashes had been curled but no mascara added; the lips were left lush and hydrated with lip balm to keep it fresh and young.

James Long’s make-up was more focused on the eyebrow; a gorgeous and pumped up take on natural beauty. The skin was illuminated and glowing-we gave a previous massage with Dermalogica products-to give back the beautiful radiance of the skin, using a concealer only where needed and a pearl illuminator on the cheekbones. 

Lashes were curled, a very light pink brownish blush was added to give a beautiful fresh and young look; the lips were left lush and hydrated with lip balm for a fresh and pretty finish. We filled the brows in a straight and handsome shape to get a bushy look and set them with a brow gel. A chocolate-honey colour was used on the eyelid, and an illuminator was added at the centre of the eyelid.

I also did the Daks show with Hiromi Ueda, where I loved the make up too! To give the skin a luminous glow again we gave a massage using Dermalogica products. We used on the line of the lashes a black pencil and smudged with the brush to get an imperfect look, and underneath too we added a grey pencil to get more a luminous look on the inside corners of the eye. A glossy cream was added on the lid of the eye to get a shining and messy look; we used a peach rosy cream blush high up on the cheeks and on the lips a rose/berry colour was added for a modern look.

I absolutely loved working on the James Long show, everything was smooth, and beautiful. His collection was very chic and crafty; handcraft elements abounded. The colours very inspiring, and his great personality made you feel part of it all. 

It was great to work with such amazing people, I am ready for the next one!

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