Levi's are the next target for Liberty's collaborative streak.

Kings of print, Liberty's florals certainly get around with their omnipresent collaborations. An icon of British taste, the brand has now decided to tackle dedicated denim wearers by hooking up with a San Francisco institution; enter Levi's. The collection is made up of 15 pieces such as the boyfriend skinny jean, a bustier and the Trucker jacket, some smothered with that taste of summer which flowers bring, others with just a hint.

The flowers in question come in two prints, Carlin and Kerr Bandana. The latter was inspired by a painting from the Liberty archive (dating back to 1940), while the other comes from a print in the Liberty archives from the 1970s. Carlin is brightly coloured and named after Jennifer Carlin, the Levi's designer who worked on the collection, and the Kerr Bandana pattern is lasered onto the denim; each are pretty jolly as denim goes. Already available from Liberty of London department store, the range will be online at Levi's from next month too.



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