Highlights from the final day of London Collections: Men.

CRAFTED PUNK: To call Sibling SS15 punk seems all too easy, and given the work that goes into creating each piece – especially evident this season with several different knit techniques apparent – DIY it is by no means. Bones and mohawks aside, aprons of denim, crochet, silk and plastic pushed the lower half of the silhouette, while closing looks of fantastic red raffia were reminiscent of collections prior in the best way possible.

PURITY: Craig Green’s SS15 offering – his first solo effort since emerging from the Fashion East cocoon – presented a stark contrast from the heavy patterns of AW14. Looks began in white and proceeded to a variety of blues, in a collection that was both at once soothing and peaceful and simultaneously intense. Seemingly complicated tie jackets – like a modern interpretation of the gi – could have been a fabric translation of the wooden sculptures that made headlines at his first Fashion East show, while the sculptures presented here carried flags (in the loosest sense of the term).

DALLAS: Perhaps uncomplicated in terms of silhouette, Katie Eary’s afternoon show greeted us with a strong assurance of self. Her trademark palette of pink and hot orange appointed all manner of tops, from skin-tight long sleeves to turtle necks, loose silk shirts and polo shirts. The addition of purple added a 70’s vibe to proceedings, most prominent in a suede jacket.

SMART: Looks of white opened Nasir Mazhar, as shirts – while not new – seemed to make a point here. Fabrics soon entered shine territory, but appeared smarter than last season’s night time vibes; these were textures that another designer might use for a suit, bold but suitably subtle as opposed to brash, formal dinner attire for those who usually sport a tracksuit. Mazhar’s layered shorts made another outing also, but remained fresh.

Soundtrack of the day: Siblng's Nirvana vs Dead or Alive mash up.


All original ages via Style.com.

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