Lacoste Approaches Its Latest Campaign With A Playful And Collaborative Energy

Asserting its relationship between sports, fashion and entertainment, the French label invites a broad list of ambassadors to envision an eight-metre long, three-metre high-crocodile sculpture.

Lacoste is choosing to ‘Play Big’ for the spring season, launching its brand new campaign alongside a string of aspirational, globe-spanning ambassadors.

An all-encompassing force within sportswear, the label’s beloved crocodile taps into the quirks of everyday life. Considered one of the first brand logos to be stitched visibly on garments, Lacoste started its journey in 1933 with its iconic polo top. Since then, the label has sustained comfort, style and timelessness at its core, crafting apparel for men, women and children of all ages. 

This year, the brand illustrates the intertwining relationship between fashion, sport and music, inviting four creative minds to re-imagine its playful, carnivorous mascot. Sharing a focus on tones, texture and light, contemporary visionaries Imruh Asha and Ibby Njoya, photographer Willy Vanderperre and Mexican drummer and composer Antonio Sanchéz have stitched together an eight-metre long, three-metre-high crocodile sculpture composed solely of traditional tennis materials. Embracing the label’s signature green hues, the sculpture is photographed alongside six, trailblazing figures who share a connection with the label, whether that be on the tennis court, through childhood memories or a like-minded innovation. The likes of Novak Djokovic and Venus Willams lend themselves to the former, whereas French actor Pierre Niney, South Korean singer and model Jeon Somi, leading actor Ahn Hyo Seop and rising talent Wang Yibo express a unique perspective of the croc, authentic to each of their differing paths.

Established across 98 countries, ‘Play Big’ encourages individuals to think outside of the box, taking on a more upbeat and versatile approach to sport. Speaking on the label’s latest work, deputy CEO Catherin Spindler shares: “At Lacoste, we are very proud to draw on a rich heritage while maintaining a spirit of innovation. And because we constantly strive to reinvent ourselves, this new “Play Big” campaign is an occasion to reaffirm the power of our iconic crocodile, our fashion roots and our rightful place in the realm of sports and especially tennis.” 

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