Nabil shoots the new campaign.

The reappointing of Reebok Classic to fashion’s top table is the sum of many factors: aligning itself with the current vogue for skatewear (via Palace and Gosha Rubchinskiy collabs) being just one.

Elsewhere there is Kendrick Lamar, first tapped by the brand way back in 2014, a debut followed up in 2015 with the production of a trainer referencing LA’s gang culture; today the pair return with a new look Classic Leather Perfect Split.

Boasting both men’s and women’s models, the new pack is said to reflect the rapper’s split personality, while the classic silhouette features a white and stone base with a ‘split’ rubber outsole.

The accompanying campaign, pictured above, has been lensed by the photographer and filmmaker Nabil (with a new short set to follow), shot entirely on analogue cameras as a visual representation of the partnership’s authentic credentials, paying respects to ‘creative artforms in their most real, original and unique formats’.

The results are perhaps the best of KL x RC yet.


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