Juicy Couture Snap Into Action with A Pre-Fall Collection Titled ‘THE ICONS’

Across a series of tank tops and baby tees, the LA casual-luxury label returns to its statement slogans.

Juicy Couture is channelling a noughties energy with its latest pre-fall collection, marking the return of the logo tee.

It’s hard to shake off the influence of y2k fashion: it’s fun, it’s bold and it’s empowered. Managing a balance between causal glamour, it’s an era that welcomes nostalgia in a unique form, fusing the care-free spirit of Paris Hilton with the glitz of a JLo music video, strutting down the Bronx in heels and cargos.

Snapped in airport fits, pool parties and retail therapy stop-offs, Juicy Couture has become an emblem of celebrity culture, attentive to the ebb and flow of contemporary trends. In turn, the LA lifestyle brand delivers a laid-back luxury to the day-to-day consumer, sporting low-rise velour tracksuits and rhinestones.

Asserting their status as trendsetters, Juicy Couture returns with a brand new campaign titled THE ICONS. Across a series of tank tops and baby tees, the brand snaps back with its statement logos’; ‘Go Couture Yourself’, ‘Juicy Angel’, ‘Choose Juicy’ and a personal favourite, ‘Dude Where’s My Couture’. Strolling down the streets of NYC, on the subway or at a baseball match, models are pictures in gold bamboo hoops, gradient shades and chunky shoulder bags. Each slogan is punchy, striking in its block-capital stylings and bold fonts, referring back to Juicy Couture’s classic image.

With each generation, Juicy Couture continues to weave its magic into the present, tweaking its winning formula without losing its sense of character.

Purchase the latest collection via juicycouture.com

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