Juicy Couture Launch Luxury Menswear Label, Dirty London

Echoing the influence of 90s subcultures, the label releases its debut collection.

Dirty London is marking its debut with a brand new collection, re-igniting the essence of the 90s through to the 2000s.

Brought to us by the masterminds behind Juicy Couture, the menswear label delivers elevated tracksuits that lend equally to the morning work rush as they do to bedazzled evening fits or holiday leisure. An edgy take on Juicy’s glitz and glamour, the capsule incorporates advanced colour wash techniques and diamanté applications over relaxed-fit silhouettes. Embracing a signature softness with the use of velour, each piece finds a balance between luxury and comfort.

Detailing the launch of Dirty London, Group Brand Director Paul Siviter shares: “For over two decades Juicy Couture has represented the uniform of choice for those shaping subcultures across the globe. This bold, expressive energy aligns naturally with the City of London, a city which has birthed countless era-defining moments and subcultures across art, music and fashion. With Dirty London, we hope to offer our customers a new era for coordinated streetwear styling.”

Transformative yet established in design, style and flair, Dirty London marks its first steps.

Keep up to date via www.dirtylondon.co.uk

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