British label celebrates 30th anniversary with exhibition.

Joining the numerous labels turning 30 this year-not usually ones to follow a trend, Red or Dead had little choice with this one-last night saw the Dray Walk Gallery host ‘Hot off the Press’. Exhibiting Red or Dead wears from the last 30 years (think late 90’s foam platforms alongside the 1990 ‘Space Baby’ collection, and their more recent Seaspray swimwear collaboration from 2010), the DJ played tunes to reflect the evening’s history. This meant Daft Punk next to The Human League and Blur followed by Take That, while Britney Spears could be heard blasting from speakers as Clash departed (no bad thing, mind).

Set up in chronological order in the large white space, mannequins were backed by rainbow coloured words about each era and quotes taken from those who played a part-designers and directors alike. Clean white televisions were set up next to each collection that made the catwalk, with videos of the show in question playing throughout the night, and accompanying newspaper articles dotted along the walls.

Hosts made their way round the room in Red or Dead’s latest boots-we have a soft spot for the leather lace up ‘Blooms’-while the man behind it all, Wayne Hemingway worked the crowd in a brown check suit.

For the brand that started life selling vintage on a Camden market stall-four years before Rokit joined the scene-the evening was an interesting look at a label gone full circle.

‘Hot off the Press’ is at the Dray Walk Gallery until Sunday; Dray Walk Gallery, Brick Lane E1 6QL


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