Copenhagen International Fashion Fair arrives in Knightsbridge.

Typically a Scandinavian heavy event, the most recent edition of Copenhagen International Fashion Fair saw Fashion East bring a crew of past and present London based designers, while labels Aries and Hades also made debuts.

And now CIFF is returning the favour, sort of, arriving in London, or more specifically, in Knightsbridge, for a partnership with Harvey Nichols: new installation, North Wind.

Located in the store’s concept space – Project 109 – North Wind is a collaborative interpretation of how CIFF sees the modern Scandi male, boasting a carefully curated edit of menswear (naturally), art, gastronomy, design and lifestyle pieces, each picked as a window into how the Scandinavian man lives, works, dresses, what he eats and how he orders his home.

“At CIFF, we believe that the consumer is now the driving force behind many trends, often ahead of the professionals in our industry,” notes Kristien W. Anderson, Director and Creative Director of CIFF, who worked on the project alongside Harvey Nichols’ Group Fashion Buying Director, Anita Barr.

“North Wind,” he continues, “is a way for us to bring directly to the Harvey Nichols customer both emerging and established design talent we believe are worthy of their attention…. (It’s) also a way for us to inspire our community and challenge them to look ahead to the future.”

Launched over the weekend and in place for seven weeks, until 27th November, three different phases are set to play out over the course of its presence (‘Scandi’s Behind Closed Doors’ and ‘A Little Hygge For The Holidays’ will follow the current ‘Modern Viking’ concept). Elsewhere the extensive brand list includes labels like  Capital Goods, Gudrun & Gudrun and Studio Mieke Meijer.


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