Gorillaz Champion The Fred Perry Shirt For 2021

Gorillaz Champion The Fred Perry Shirt For 2021

An unmistakeable classic...

The Fred Perry polo shirt remains the same today as it did almost 60 years ago. Designed by three time WImbedon champ Fred Perry, the shirt's collar remains unchanged to this day, the epochal Laurel Wreath still sits comfortably on the left breast, and the shirt is still made using traditional machines in Leicester, before being carefully finishd by hand. An unmistakeable classic that allowed the British brand to bridge the gap between sportswear and streetwear all those eyars ago, the Fred Perry shirt is a subcultural phenomenon.

For 2021, the polo shirt is taking centre stage alongside the British virtual band Gorillaz. A digital campaign, with digital models, featuring frontman and keyboardist 2-D, drummer Russel Hobbs, guitarist Noodle and bassist Murdoc Niccals. The 2021 campaign celebrates different iterations of the M3 and M12 polos.

“My first Fred Perry shirt wasn’t actually mine,” confesses Russel Hobbs, “it belonged to Arthur Ashe. Like a cross between Barack Obama and Denzel Washington… he was an artist… he had style, he had an afro, he wore a pair of tiny shorts - and of course, the classic Fred Perry tennis shirt. He even made a record called “How To Play Tennis”, I have that record. I still can’t play tennis. Love that shirt though, it’s my favourite thing. Forty-Love to ya’ll…”

The M3 and M12 Fred Perry shirts are available globally, online and in Fred Perry stores. Keep an eye out for interviews and playlists with each bandmate at fredperry.com/subculture


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