FSG Presents: Laboratory 12

The LCF fashion space announces its latest exhibition.

Following the natural conclusion of the Lou Stoppard curated, Insta hyped ‘Mad About The Boy’, tomorrow sees the launch of Fashion Space Gallery’s newbie from shoe designer-cum-artist (and the LCF space’s debut design resident), Benjamin John Hall.

Titled ‘Laboratory 12’ after the secret poison laboratory of the KGB, the exhibition explores topical geopolitical issues and the ideas surrounding espionage, most notably within the context of the late Alexander Litvinenko, the Russian secret service member assassinated a decade ago.

In reality the show is comprised of a series of ‘highly engineered footwear’ pieces, predominantly created under Hall’s ‘Advanced Projects’ label, each highlighting an active security agency tactic, from psychological warfare through to concealed recording devices.  

Alongside x-rays of said shoes – just seven pairs in total – the crux of the show, curated by Ligaya Salazar, sees Hall exploring government responsibility versus social conscience. 

Collaborating closely with architect and material scientist Richard Beckett, wearable computing and tangible design researcher Nanda Khaorapapong, and 3D and CAD designer Martyn Carter, of UCL, University of London and B-Made respectively, the new exhibition confronts uncomfortable social truths via the medium of contemporary (and tech heavy) fashion.

Marrying the worlds of the sartorial, the scientific and the political, those who embrace asking questions should probably stick it on the to do list quick sharp.

Until 16th July 2016.



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