We quizzed Elisabeth on blogging and her Bowie shrine.
Thrills & Frills

Once a Topshop Visual Merchandiser, today Elisabeth McCoubrie's a Sunspel girl, but it's not her day job that's brought on our girl crush. With her blog Thrills and Frills, Elisabeth invites you to step into her world, from day trips to the Barbican and hangover reducing brunches to her latest reading material and nights spent in Berlin, this one makes Instagram look good. We grabbed five minutes to quiz her on the music brightening her day.

Do you ever listen to music as you write your blog posts?
It depends where I'm blogging from, but if it's in my flat then definitely. I don't own a TV at the moment so it's impossible to watch something and blog at the same time, so music provides a nice mood to work on my laptop.

Which bands or artists make for good blogging vibes?
I always have to listen to something with a little kick while on my laptop otherwise I start drifting off (it's like university all over again!). At the moment I'm digging up old albums to listen to, so my top choice of blogging soundtrack is at the moment Avalanches 'Since I Left You', as im trying to mentally get into some sort of 'summer' vibe.

You’ve been blogging since 2007. How-if at all-has it changed in that time?
When I started blogging it was very much about taking dodgy pictures in a mirror in your messy bedroom (even Susie Bubble was at it!). It's got so much more sophisticated now with bloggers doing their own shoots on the streets and in their homes, and it's also a LOT more commercial now since brands caught on to how to use bloggers influences on the masses. My own blog has got a little sharper and cleaner in its layouts and themes of posts I think, but it's still very much about the same things such as my terrible spending habits, places I've visited and nice photography and wishlists. I still take dodgy outfit pictures on my phone too!

What do you get out of your blog? And what would you hope others get from it?
I guess its a very selfish thing of liking to have a scrap book of sorts. I like the fact I have somewhere to put my thoughts and wishlists, and share those with like minded people. It's always really interesting to see how other people view your posts and I've actually made some really good friends through it too, which I'm forever grateful for! I started it because I was always boring my family and boyfriend with chat about fashion etc, so it's been a great outlet for that, and I'm sure they're grateful for it too! I'm still quite surprised people even read my blog, but I guess I'd like to think if anyone reads it and has the same silly thoughts and views as mine that it's OK!

Best gig you’ve ever been to?
Really hard one to choose but I guess The Cure a few years ago, only because I've grown up loving their music and adoring Robert Smith. so when they played 'Boys Dont Cry' at the end of the gig, I'm ashamed to say I cried a little bit. That was just amazing to see my childhood hero in real life! A close second would be Lykke Li, who I saw in a tiny room in Hoxton a few years back and was blown away at how amazing a performer she is, you became completely lost in her music.

Favourite band/artist of all time?
The Cure. Hands. Down. Literally the first music I ever remember hearing as a toddler and throughout the years it's still always sounded fantastic to me. I think I know all of the words to most of their songs, and I do remember being 6 and being convinced I was going to marry Robert Smith when I was older. Yeah, I was a strange child I think....

Best soundtrack to a film?
I really love the soundtrack to Grosse Point Blank, just because it's impossible not to want to dance to it. Miami Vice also has a really impressive soundtrack, but at the moment I listen to Drive's soundtrack while travelling home from work, the perfect commuters album I think!

Favourite music video of all time?
You have to Youtube ABC 'Look of Love', it's the most confusing/amazing video that perfectly represents the 80's decade. Never fails to make me laugh or get up and dance!

Tell me a bit about your Bowie shrine?
I'm a big fan of David Snowdon and both my boyfriend and I adore Bowie (it was something that pulled us together before dating), so when we moved into a new flat it seemed like the only sensible thing to do really. He over looked all our alcohol first, then our plant collection. He's just such a cool looking dude in that portrait, and it's safe to say we both hero worship him a bit. We've just moved flats again so we'll have to find some new kind of shrine to create for him!


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