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If minimalism is your thing and black and white your favourite colours, Love Aesthetics is your blog and Ivania Carpio is definitely your girl; make arrangements now to change this is if it's not already the case. Hailing from The Netherlands, Ivania is the 24 year old vision in thrifted leather trousers, DIY cotton sweatshirt, Cos woolen coat and Monki heels, depending on what day it is. She excels at making DIY stylish-no mean feat for those who grew up on Blue Peter-with memorable pieces including a VHS clutch bag and an oversized denim coat. We asked her what songs she digs.

Do you ever listen to music as you write your blog posts?
Yes, always. Music that doesn't make me want to dance and sing along too much though.

Which bands or artists make for good blogging vibes?
I like Daisuke Tanabe, Gazelle Twin and Shlohmo

You’ve been blogging since 2008. How-if at all-has it changed in that time?
I wouldn't say that I have changed, but I have grown. I have gotten older and I think my style now really reflects my identity; I don't really have the urge anymore to experiment with my look or try out new trends. The blogging landscape also has changed a lot; there is a lot of money involved now. Back in 2008 everyone blogged for themselves and for the fun of it, there wasn't any cash or fame to be acquired with blogging.

What do you get out of your blog? And what would you hope others get from it?
I don't have to pretend to work at a big magazine to get into the fashion shows anymore, haha. No really, I've learned a lot about photography, making images, making DIYs, social media and new media. I've been pushing myself to improve the quality of everything I do; hopefully I can apply those skills on other things outside my blog one day.
I really hope that Love Aesthetics is a place where people can find inspiration or another point of view on fashion; I try to always include a bit of information or a bit of food for thought into my blogposts, and don't like to produce blogposts that only show the stuff I've bought lately.

Best gig you’ve ever been to?
Does that Destiny's Child concert from 2001 count? Those tacky golden suits were pretty Tumblr-worthy.

Favourite band/artist of all time?
Very hard one, if I say one name I'm disregarding all the others? This answer might be a cliche, but I'm going to say it anyway: The XX, I think they have really become the classics of this time.

Best soundtrack to a film?
All the music by Joe Hisaishi for Miyazaki's movies.

Favourite music video of all time?
Of all time I wouldn't dare to say, but two that have really stayed on my mind were Cocoon by Alpines and a video from Nowness and Phillip Lim called 'Weavers'.

Favourite album cover of all time?
David Bowie - Aladdin Sane


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