Kish Kash talks us through last week's panel discussion.

Readying the drop of its Spring Summer Alife collab (here), last week Puma staged an expert panel discussion exploring streetwear defining topics. Didn’t make it? Let host Kish Kash talk you through what went down.


There are moments when you realise how blessed you are – finding a £20 note on the floor, getting to lipse that person you’ve had your eye on all night, or digging through dusty crates of vinyl and finding a first pressing. I had that same feeling when I received the call requesting my expertise to host a panel discussion for the Puma x Alife ‘Fear City’ launch.

The panel looked strong, with remarkable diversity regarding the expertise of the panelists, each offering unique perspectives; their contributions and opinions would provide a fascinating and illuminating conversation, so I particularly relished the opportunity to break bread.

On said panel sat Ayishat Akanbi, who has styled some of the most significant contemporary artists today, including both Tinie Tempah and Labrinth; Joel Stoddart, a blogger and sneaker enthusiast who’s been involved with and observed some of the most significant emerging style trends; P-Money, an exceptionally talented and well respected grime emcee who has helped to establish benchmarks both on the mic and amongst his peer group for style points, plus Treis Hill, one of the partners behind Alife, who offered a fascinating insight into their philosophy, influences and the collaborative process.

Commencing just after half seven, the discussion focused on the relationships and influences of music and sport on street fashion, with each panelist offering tidbits leading to a full picture of the philosophies of both New York and London style respectively, their differences and commonalities. P-Money spoke of looking up to the older emcees on the scene, not just in regards to their music but also their garms, and how he took on the Puma ‘P’ and made it his own until it became synonymous with his style.

Treis recalled the era when sportswear companies had no real clue to the potential value and influence of the nascent collaborative process and influencers around them. It was fascinating to hear talk of the first collaboration between Puma x Alife being the ‘First Round’ basketball shoe. Discussing the retro B-Ball look that was prevalent in New York at the time and how it provided a canvas for Alife to express their love for the colour pop, which remains a cornerstone of their philosophy due to their history with graffiti and street writers.

Feeling the fomo? Listen below.



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