A mixtape of the music that inspires their work

For our third fashion special we invited Italian brand Luisa Via Roma to come up with a suitably polished playlist, and disappoint they did not. Based in Florence since the 1930s, 2008 saw the launch of a luxury online store, while more recently the flagship has held Firenze 4 Ever, inviting fashion and music bloggers to collaborate on shoots, the latter soundtracking the former and the whole thing caught on a hundred cameras. Stocking brands with the history of Burberry and the street cred of Underground, the following compilation smartly represents this hybrid of tastes.

The Kills ‘Future Starts Slow’

“If I had to pick a song that best represents the latest and hottest street style trends from around the globe I would definitely choose this one. Worn out yet dainty sounds, crazy combinations of ’60s garage and pop beat riffs mixed with synthetic fluo vibes to create a vintagey glam-soul sophisticated punk hybrid. Also a perfect song to shop to.”

Mini Mansions ‘Monk’

“This is my favourite song at the moment. Floating psych pop melodies with a Beatles-esque twist. I love how it feels so simple and pretty. Can a song be pretty though? Well, if yes, ‘Monk’ is the prettiest.”

The Doors ‘Love Street’

“When listening to this song I can’t help but imagine myself walking down Venice Beach wearing beads, flowers and a stone/sequins appliqué long indian silk dress. Was I born in the wrong era? Well, who cares? Multicolour print kaftans are back in again!”

The Duke Spirit ‘Love Is An Unfamiliar Name’

“It’s very easy to understand how Alexander McQueen found a muse in their lead singer Liela Moss. Her outfits are such an amazing performance in themselves.”

Eagles Of Death Metal ‘Cherry Cola’

“Great neo-rockabilly song to get pumped up to go out, after a hard day’s work…and don’t forget to dig your creepers out of your wardrobe!”

Duran Duran ‘The Seventh Stranger’

“1984. My first music crush. I have loved this song since I was a kid and used to dance to ‘Wild Boys’ on my auntie’s Arena VHS in legwarmers, lycra leggings and pink headband.”

Interpol ‘Specialist’

“If there was one thing that I could dedicate to a certain someone who has been in my life forever though I only met him recently, it would be this.”

The Velvet Underground ‘Venus In Furs’

“This band is ageless and their sound will go on to grace the world beyond generations. Just like a pair of Vivienne Westwood pirate boots, they will never go out of style.”

Elastica ‘Waking Up’

“An absolute cult from the great Nineties Britpop era. Gotta love Justine’s evergreen look - boyish style dotted with chic girly charm.”

Kyuss ‘Space Cadet’

“Takes you on a trip without you having to move.”

New Order ‘Blue Monday’

“As clichéd as it might sound this song is simply legendary! It still sounds as fresh today as it did almost thirty years ago. Amazing.”

Tori Amos ‘Cornflake Girl’

“Perfection.This song gives me goosebumps. I can relate to this song on so many levels - the lyrics, the rhythm, the emotional intensity it is filled with. So elegant passionate and sexy. She's? divine.”

Björk ‘Joga’

“Sometimes you hear music and it instantly connects to some part? of your soul. Björk has always been and always be ahead of her time, both in her music and in her look. Just like avant-garde trends that usually take a bit of time to settle, be digested and understood but eventually become iconic.”

Listen to Luisa Via Roma’s mixtape now on Spotify

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