The Japanese denim makers launch in-store exclusively.

The Evisu logo resembles a seagull. Now, this might seem pretty obvious today, but way back when we’d admire the behinds of wearers in our youth, all we saw was a logo. In 2013 however, the Evisu logo is just one small part of the brand.

Of course, the denim was always the centerpiece really, but this month sees the Japanese label go further than ever before to celebrate the jeans themselves, via a Selfridges exclusive.

Launching later this month, the brand has created two new fits – the regular carrot fit and the skinny fit in stretch – as well as new takes on their classic styles, offering fans a more refined take on what they do best.

Silhouettes have been slightly restructured (pulled in and neatened up), while the aforementioned seagulls have shed some of the limelight; the clean indigo colour remains.  

As well as setting up shop in the London department store – who earlier this year introduced their own denim specialist floor – the Evisu AW13 Selfridges Capsule Collection will be available from own brand stores too.


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