The label presents 'You Can't Argue With Your Scrapbook'.

According to knitwear designers Helen Delany and Brenda Aherne, there’s no arguing with your scrapbook, or so their label, Electronic Sheep, would have you believe.

The product of a London-Dublin working relationship, Electronic Sheep’s Autumn Winter collection exhibits 20 years of the pair’s scrapbooking, from interesting drinks labels and nostalgia tinted wallpaper scraps to bus tickets and stickers, if they liked it they kept it. And now they’ve found a use for it.

Hence epic great scarves and oversized jumpers bear varying prints and patterns; it’s a sort of Louise Gray takes on Sibling affair, if you will.

‘Something Remembered’ – a scarf and kaftan duo – features old paper cuttings, pressed flowers and chocolate wrappers, while the ‘Ephemera’ overtop is a combination of packaging and old typographic stencils.

Elsewhere in the new collection the Irish designers translate their own memories to the pieces, with such scenarios thrown over ‘The Poconos’ sweatshirt and ‘Electronic Supermarket’ kaftan: girls in a forest and a woman shopping in a city, respectively.

An accompanying video by Mani Vertigo, presumes the new collection ready for its close up, below. 



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