The photographer hooks up with the label for a range of tees.

Gavin Watson is best known for his images of a subculture within which he himself was immersed in in the late 70s and early 80s.

Thanks to ‘Skins’ and later ‘Skins and Punks’ and ‘Raving ‘89’ – photo books published in the latter half of the noughties – this isn’t about to change any time soon, despite the fact he is still a working photographer shooting amongst other things, fashion look books and campaigns.

Interest in his past – Shane Meadows credits him with the look of ‘This Is England’ while Terry Richardson has called him a genius – has seen him collaborate further than photography.

The latest brand to hanker for a piece of the action is Dr. Martens. Having already shot campaigns for the brand since 2011, Watson’s images have now been given pride of place on a capsule collection of T-shirts.

The tees, all black and white with archive imagery from 1981, are available in two styles (for each of the sexes) and will be on shelves from 1st November. With DMs (naturally) featuring heavily, they are an ideal fit for a label with a strong focus on its past.


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