Depop Tales: Tianah's Closet
Clash meets the sellers behind the stores.

In a new series, Clash explores the world of shopping app Depop, meeting the minds behind some of the most exciting digital 'shop' spaces. First up, Tianah Jones of Tianah's Closet...

So what exactly does Tianah’s Closet sell?
Everyday tingalings - from rare retro footwear to caps and sportswear, to the funkiest sunglasses that’re hard to get, and then basic gender neutral clothing that fits everyone's look, or that one thing a customer doesn't realise they need. My stuff is what you'd find out of hundreds of racks when you go vintage shopping, but it's all in one closet so it's easy and straightforward.

And how did you first become involved with Depop?
I used to do car boots every weekend while I was broke at university, and a girl who was checking out my stuff was like: "OMG, do you have Depop because you can totally sell your stuff on there. It's like this app where you can sell and buy unwanted clothes". Thinking about it now, she actually did me a favour, especially not having to stand in the cold in winter trying to get people to buy my stuff with frozen toes. I had eBay at the time but it was too confusing so I signed up and I started so badly; I had the ugliest carpet so when taking pictures of my stuff on the floor, it wasn't doing them any justice and I didn't have a fancy wall to hang them against – it didn't even cross my mind to take pictures of them on (my mirror was tiny and I was too shy to ask someone else). At first I was buying more than I was selling, but after stalking a few other Depopers I learnt how to use it.

Why Depop?
Depop is at your fingertips, it’s straightforward and so easy to use! You can access it quickly while you're out. Also the percentage of what they take after each sale is decent and pleasing for the small businesses, which is attractive. And the Depop team are family.

What about the community aspect, do you find you get a lot of people returning?
I love some of my buyers because when they buy one thing from me, they tell their friends and stay in touch. Because most of the clothes in my collection are one-offs, buyers contact me every now and again asking what I have coming.

And who are your favourite sellers?
Zed Vintage has a mega collection, Imindiarose is wavey and Libertymai is like hippy perfect.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever bought or sold on Depop?
Best thing I've sold were my deadstock retro Reebok fitness trainer – to Denmark – and Nike footscape woven motion sneakers – to Copenhagen. I say they're the best because they're so rare and I almost cried when they were bought.

You sell quite a mix of pieces, from sunglasses to vintage coats. What do you find people most respond to?
People love the sunglasses and bags! Oh, and the everyday shoes including DMs and trainers. And chunky grandpa jackets or sweatshirts and boy trousers. Also old skool Tommy Hilfiger is everyone's favourite, including mine. I can't pick one as I do everything for everyone!

So what inspires your store, do you have a particular style icon?
I don't really have a style idol as I don't pay attention to the new-new and the what's-what; I don't keep up with what's in. I really couldn’t pick! Celebrities barely dress themselves and girls my age are too glam so it's just me with a collective inspiration from people I meet from all around the world maybe. I wear what I have and try to mix it up as much as I can to save time and effort. But my best friend Brigita – who does Zed Vintage – inspires my store in terms of the outlook.

And finally, what’s on the Closet stereo right now?
SoulPurpose, who are this British duo with a soulful hip-hop gritty British sound, and Alicia Keys, both back to backkkk!

You can check out Tianah's Closet here.

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