Depop Tales: Thread Famous
Clash meets the sellers behind the stores.

In a new series, Clash explores the world of shopping app Depop, meeting the minds behind some of the most exciting digital ‘shop’ spaces. Next up is Joanna Root of Thread Famous…

So what exactly does Thread Famous sell?
I sell enamel pin badges, hand painted leather/vegan leather jackets, and embroidered portraits, all inspired by my cult heroes. Basically I make things I'd like to own, and hope that a by-product of this is that other people want to own them too!

And where did the moniker ‘Thread Famous’ come from?
The name Thread Famous came from my love of puns: the term 'dead famous' was too easily substituted when I was thinking about recreating the faces of the famous in thread for my embroidered portraits.

How did you first become involved with Depop?
I first heard about Depop through friends selling their clothes on the app to get a bit of extra cash. Around the same time, I was contacted by the team at Depop about selling my pins and portraits. The rest, as they say, is history.

Why Depop?
Depop is so straightforward and fun to use! It has that Instagram-like element to it, which means you can follow your favourite sellers and keep tabs on the latest wonderful things that they're selling. I love the focus on photos of your products, after all, that should be the thing that catches the eye (and heart) first. It also feels quite informal. I love how easy it is to interact with buyers and other sellers, and if there are ever any issues, you can speak to a real life human to get it sorted!

And who are your favourite sellers?
@HippieWitchClub are amazing pin and patch makers, celebrating iconic women in music. Right up my alley! They're also fellow Midlands girls, which is always nice to see! I also love @vintagestyleme's super cute vintage style dresses, @jameschurch's incredible drawings and prints, and a whole plethora of vintage book and record shops. My passions are clothes, music, cameras, and homewares from the 60’s and 70’s, and I get to indulge those to the max on Depop. The massive array of things available means it's like a virtual thrift shop that you don't even need to work up a sweat rummaging through.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever bought or sold on Depop?
That's like choosing your favourite child! As I said earlier, everything I make is born from an obsession of mine, so it's almost impossible to pick. If you really twisted my arm though, I would probably go for my Voyage dans la Lune pin and the accompanying jacket. I was so sad to see the jacket go that I decided I had to make another one for myself!

What about the community aspect, do you find you get a lot of people returning?
I do, and that builds more and more as I release new things!

What inspires you aesthetically, do you have a particular style icon?
Although I don't wish I was born in a different decade (hello to the advances in gender equality and the civil rights movement), but I am definitely most inspired by the culture and aesthetics of the 60’s and 70’s. Music, film, and literature are my biggest inspirations; there is nothing better than getting lost in a world, or moment that someone has created. My work is inspired by those iconic people who have created, or are a part of one of those stories or moments that have made me sit up and take notice. In terms of style, if you could take Francoise Hardy, Anna Karina, Stevie Knicks, and David Bowie, shake them all up in a space age cocktail shaker and pour it all over me, I would die happy. Sadly, because I have three jobs, I'm much more likely to wearing whatever was within arm’s reach when I woke up.

Where did your interest in pins first originate?
I've always been obsessed with quirky jewellery and accessories like the Victorian silver charms you can find in antiques shops. I think accessories are the perfect way to wear your heart on your sleeve (or lapel!) and wanted to make a modern alternative. I used to collect enamel pins of places I'd been to, and it seemed like the perfect combination.

Finally, what’s on the Thread Famous stereo right now?
I'm lucky enough to have a preview of the forthcoming Cult of Dom Keller album, 'Goodbye to the Light' on constant repeat at the moment. It's dirty, psychedelic, other worldly stuff. I might be a little biased as my boyfriend's the drummer, but thankfully I love what they do. If you've seen any of his flamboyant stage jackets, they are my handy work. Other than that I don't know if I will ever tire of David Bowie, Francoise Hardy, Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush or Nick Cave.

You can check out Thread Famous here


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