Depop: MadSeventies
Clash meets the sellers behind the stores.

In a new series, Clash explores the world of shopping app Depop, meeting the minds behind some of the most exciting digital ‘shop' spaces. Next up is Mia Williams of Madseventies…

So what exactly does Madseventies sell?
Madseventies sells a variety of garments in order to cater for all kinds of buyers, but focuses on clothes which are similar or linked to the 70’s. I like to find garments with big frills, bell sleeves and flares, because you can create the most eccentric looks and have fun with it.

And how did you first become involved with Depop?
I heard about it through a friend – who does styleeast – and she said it was a great platform to sell garments. They said that Depop was an easy mobile app and a great way to build up a following of buyers with similar taste. To be honest I found that there was a gap in the market for 70’s style clothing and was surprised to build a good following in a short space of time.

Why Depop?
Depop has a great family of fashion buyers. You get to interact with those interested in your clothes with the backing of a very supportive team. It is easy, fun and gives you the opportunity to show your garments to the rest of the world.

What about the community aspect, do you find you get a lot of people returning?
Yes! I am grateful to have kind and supportive buyers returning for more. It’s great building relationships, as it makes the whole experience worth it.

And who are your favourite sellers?
I don’t have one favourite seller as there are many that have a unique style or way of portraying their garments, and it’s great to watch their shops grow.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever bought or sold on Depop?
Selling my long black silk robe with the biggest embroidered bell sleeves; I felt like a magician in it.

Where did your interest in 70’s fashion originate from?
Growing up in a small town I found  inspiration in my dad’s record collection. I took the record posters and stuck them on my wall to marvel at all the amazing 70’s outfits. I set myself a goal, to try and find or recreate those outfits in the postersl this was my first discovery of vintage fashion buying.

And are you inspired by anyone specific?
A lot of things inspire me,  from record covers, my mom’s picture albums from the 70’s, the 70’s underground music scene in London, and street fashion.  I also have a passion for finding the best quality garments for the best price so that the clothes are affordable to my buyers. Style icon wise, probably Jane Birkin, François Hardy, Marsha Hunt, Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, David Bowie, Prince and many more.

Finally, what’s on the Madseventies stereo right now?
The album FREE, by Fire and Water.

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