Depop: Jamboree Store
Clash meets the sellers behind the stores.

In a new series, Clash explores the world of shopping app Depop, meeting the minds behind some of the most exciting digital 'shop' spaces. Next up is Naji Esiri of Jamboree Store...

So what exactly does Jamboree Store sell?
The selection on Depop is primarily menswear, although we are expanding into homewares and publications too. Alongside a portfolio of workwear and utilitarian inspired brands, we also stock a small selection of vintage pieces which have been sourced by myself, everywhere from LA to Saltaire. I like to align with brands who have a progressive and sustainable outlook on manufacturing and production.

And how did you first become involved with Depop?
I first heard about it through a friend of about 18 months ago. Given how many people around me knew of and were using Depop already, I'm not sure how I hadn't known about it earlier. It was an exciting discovery anyhow, and I knew it was something I wanted to explore with Jamboree.

Jamboree operates as a web store and journal away from Depop. How does the platform complement the site?
The Depop store is the 'Jamboree Lite' incarnation of the webstore and journal, providing an introduction to our seasonal offerings and a frame of reference to our values and identity. The platform is completely unique to the other channels we use, and it provides a refreshing insight into a community of customers who would have previously been harder to reach and connect with.

Who are your favourite sellers?
JournalofStyle which is based in Milan, and IdeaStore, based in London.

And what's the best thing you've ever bought or sold on Depop?
I haven't taken the plunge yet as I'm spoilt for choice, but a purchase from filmsnotdead is definitely imminent.

Finally, what's on the Jamboree stereo right now?
The new Dubious Doobies mixtape.

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