Depop Tales: Instavintage
Clash meets the sellers behind the stores.

In a new series, Clash explores the world of shopping app Depop, meeting the minds behind some of the most exciting digitial 'shop' spaces. Next up is Emma Northcott of Instavintage...

So what does Instavintage sell?
A mixture of everything from sportswear to boho hippie festival stuff. I love the idea of mixing everything up to create weird combinations of sportswear and pretty tops/dresses.

And how did you first become involved with Depop?
I was selling through Wavey Garms on Facebook and tried to sell a Lacoste fleece to my friend who me that he wouldn't buy it because he could get cheaper 'sick garms' from Depop. So I had to check it out.

Why Depop?
It's so easy, I've sold on Ebay, ASOS and Facebook, but Depop is the easiest to navigate and use to sell things quickly and well. It's also got a really varied audience so that means loads of different people get to check out my stock and decide whether they like it or not.

What about the community aspect, do you find you get a lot of people returning?
Some, yes, but I think the great thing about it is more that there is so much choice. Most of my buyers are new, nobody has to be limited on Depop to only shop in one store, it's great!

Who are your favourite sellers?
I quite like coming across individual sellers who are just clearing out their wardrobe, one person's horrible clunky gross shoes are my new favourite shoes.

And what’s the best thing you’ve ever bought or sold on Depop?
I'm about to sell a full Kappa tracksuit and that's really fun. I also sell these great 90’s backless chainmail tops which I think are great and they remind me of Keira Knightly in Bend It Like Beckham and I've kinda always wanted to be her so that's good....

Where do you source your pieces?
I do some work for a wholesale vintage company called Tick Tock Vintage, they sell vintage clothing in bulk. It's great for hunting and finding the perfect things to sell. It's so exciting to find secret, forgotten about clothes at the bottom of a cage, and you never quite know what you might find next!

So Keira Knightly aside, what inspires your store, do you have a particular style icon?
At the moment I make the joke that it's Lily Allen and Avril Lavigne but that's genuinely because I think they're great. We love to reminisce and I'm okay with it being cheesy. Trainers and dresses, fishnet everything and heavy on the eye liner!

Finally, what’s on the Instavintage stereo right now?
Embarrassingly it's DJ Snake, I'm having an odd Euro trash moment but it's okay, I think it's passing...

You can check out Instavintage here


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