C.P. Company Chapter 06: The Cinquanta Archive T-Shirt

C.P. Company Chapter 06: The Cinquanta Archive T-Shirt

Five from the archive...

Founded by Massimo Osti in 1971 Bologna, the luxury Italian sportswear brand that would come to be known as C.P. Company began a long and intensive history in Italian streetwear and urban sportswear. Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, C.P. Company is celebrating a rich and diverse archive that began with printed-screen-t-shirts and through decades of technical exploration and research, particularly in the art of garment dyeing, has become one of the most beloved and innovative sportswear brands around.

A label that remains dedicated to humble and emblematic beginnings, C.P. has unveiled an archival t-shirt collection in celebration of its 50th birthday. In ‘Chapter 06’ of the anniversary year, C.P. Company has released five listed edition t-shirts inspired by the brand’s archive and history.

Each featuring a landmark moment in C.P. history, the Remastered Archive also pays homage to the initial graphic design history of the brand.

The ‘Chester Perry’ tee calls to the original name of the brand, which referenced the factory in which fictional comic strip hero Bristow works. The name was originally featured on t-shirts in 1971 and been brought back for this collection. Inspired by the brand’s military history, ‘The Sailor’ is the second archival design in the collection. From 1978 until today, the dependable and cheerily informal British sailor has been the inspiration, protagonist and logo of C.P. Company. The third tee, the ‘Flatiron’, is inspired by the first-ever C.P. Company shop at the Flatiron building between Broadway and 5th Avenue in New York City. Designed by Italian architect Toni Cordero, the innovative and conceptual retail space sold C.P. Company pieces alongside a range of Italian albums and graphic art, design and photography publications. The ‘Mille Miglia’ tee celebrates the legendary goggle jacket. Functional and innovative, the jacket is a timeless classic and has become the brand’s most famous design. The original iteration featured a printed red logo on the pocket flap, referenced here on the revived archival t-shirt. The final t-shirt in the collection, the ‘Everything Changes’ calls to C.P. Company’s support and work with the Rainforest Foundation. Back in 1989, C.P. Company released a promotional t-shirt illustrated with an infographic depicting an alarming rate of deforestation from 1900 to 1990, and until 2050. The revived tee features printed illustrations of deforestation with the same years printed below.

C.P. Company’s t-shirt capsule collection is available now at 50.cpcompany.com and in all C.P. Company flagship stores in Milan, Amsterdam, London and Riccione.


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