The hotel has tapped Barrow for its new look club uniforms.

Claire Barrow is perhaps not the obvious choice for a tech led collaboration – much of her USP relies on her feel for IRL tendencies, noted in her DIY approach and hand painted aesthetic – but that hasn’t stopped her from joining the ranks of Vivienne Westwood and Wayne Hemingway.

Like the latter two (Virgin Atlantic and McDonalds, respectively), Barrow’s new hook up sees her play uniform designer; as part of W London’s Wyld nightclub relaunch, the Fashion East alumna has designed the staff’s new wardrobe...

“My designs for Wyld’s new uniforms were influenced by the décor of the nightclub,” offers Claire. “I wanted the wearer to feel confident and enjoy working in the garments, so we created timeless tailored pieces for men and women.”

Working alongside wearable tech company, Glofaster, the NEWGEN designer’s creations boast integrated LED technology that throbs to the club’s music, placing them (as far as technology is concerned), somewhere in-between the Apple watch and those light up trainers every six year old owned circa 1995. We think.

The new uniforms make their dancefloor debut tomorrow.


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