The ex-Clash cover star is Henry Holland's new poster girl.

A former Clash cover star and the charismatic presenter of one of BBC3’s most culturally relevant shows in 2015 – the much discussed ‘The F-Word and Me’ – the latest string to Charli XCX’s bow is a House of Holland eyewear campaign.

Joining a confident female posse that includes Lily Allen, Adwoa Aboah, Jess Glynne and Eliza Cummings (SS15, SS13 and SS14 respectively) Charli was shot by photographer James White and styled by long time HOH collaborator, Sam Ranger.

Handpicked for her embodiment of the brand’s “bold and fun-loving attitude”, she notes of the new frames: “They’re cool and sexy and badass all at once,” and we’d put money on her copping a pair ahead of festival season.

“Plus," she adds, “they can make you look good even if you’ve been partying the whole night before. A fashion necessity in my opinion.”

Referencing old styles and playing with colour as per HOH law, the new collection features ten completely new look pieces that boast a variety of monikers, from the politely titled Edith to the Star Wars-alike Lensfighter, Scrappy, Maverick and Teller too.


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