cent.ldn Celebrates Elton John’s Yellow Brick Road Tour With Two Bespoke Candle Designs

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Luxury candle brand cent.ldn has collaborated with the legendary Elton John on two special designs in celebration of John’s 2023 Yellow Brick Road tour. 

The brand has become a cult favourite in recent years due to its dedication to innovative design, sustainable practices and high-quality craftsmanship. Handpoured in London from vegan, biodegradable and ethically sourced materials, cent.ldn candles are made from 100% coconut and natural wax. 

Conceptualised around Elton John’s sparkling stage performances, cent.ldn has handcrafted a collectable candle in honour of John’s iconic platform boots from the 1970s. A striking and sustainable piece, this bespoke boot candle has been made in extremely limited quantities, with only 25 to be sold exclusively at The Corner Shop in Selfridges.

Image courtesy of cent.ldn.

Alongside the sculpted boot candle, Elton John has collaborated with cent.ldn on a special edition, 300g natural wax candle for the event. Both the boot and jar candle carry a scent of vervivet, bergamot and lemon blended with lily of the valley, herbs, cardamom, black pepper, cedar and musk – chosen by Elton John himself. 

Image courtesy of cent.ldn.

We spoke to cent.ldn founder Hayley Mack about the launch, her unique approach to candle design and working with Elton John.

Sabrina Soormally: How did this collaboration with Elton John come about? 

Hayley Mack: I remember the day quite clearly, I took the call on my birthday and why wouldn’t I, it was for Elton John a collab I dreamt about! As soon as his team began talking about The Yellow Brick finale tour I knew I wanted cent.ldn to be a part of it! 

SS: Can you talk to us about how you conceptualise each of your collectable candles? What made you choose the iconic platform boots for this launch? 

HM: Elton’s boot has become an instantly recognisable element of his distinctive on-stage attire, and so it was a natural choice to immortalise it as a candle, as an ode to his incredible career. A beautiful and sustainable piece of interior for the home; a piece which is collectable, and limited edition with only 25 being sold exclusively at Selfridges. 

SS: Talk to us about the perfume of this candle and how it speaks to the Yellow Brick Road tour.

HM: After a few rounds of sampling fragrances which we felt brought the tour and his vibrant career to life, Elton himself took the final decision. All we can say is “wow”, it could not have been a better choice! It is beautiful!

Both candles can be purchased in-store and online at centldn.com until April 15th.

Image courtesy of cent.ldn.

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