The home of fashion film takes on SK8THING's label.

How many times do a group have to collaborate before it becomes a collective? With the number of names involved in SHOWstudio’s latest shop offering, the force could be pretty strong, should they choose to make it a regular thing.

Following on (some months) from the monochrome exclusives of the SHOWstudio x Machine-A hook-up – which featured Ashley Williams and Sibling amongst its lot (that’s three names per shop tag) – Nick Knight’s online platform now brings us a capsule collection with Cav Empt, featuring bespoke graphics courtesy of Oneohtrix Point Never plus an accompanying film animated by Chloe Feinberg; some teamwork indeed.

We’re told: “We were anticipating the release of Oneohtrix Point Never’s album ‘R Plus Seven’ when we began discussing the possibilities of working together. The concept of the design was all provided by OPN and interpreted by C.E to produce these items.”

The pieces designed by C.E – the young Japanese label from SK8THING and Toby Feltwell – are subtle from a distance with the type of intriguing centre graphics that could force a passerby to stop and stare. Or go all out searching for Feinberg’s film, which you can simply watch here

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