"Collaborating with emerging creatives is my long term goal."

A former student at the infamous Central Saint Martins, Cassandra Verity Green had a fixed idea of internship destinations when her turn came around, as she explains to Clash: “I specifically wanted to intern with emerging designer brands to get a real grasp on what was involved with developing my own business.”

Hence the London based knitwear designer worked with Craig Lawrence, Leutton Postle and Nasir Mazhar. “I learnt a lot working for Nasir,” she says, speaking not in reference to her double stint as a Mazhar model (a perk of the job presumably), “he has been really supportive and given me a lot of valuable advice since I graduated, which I am so appreciative for.”

In turn she speaks of CSM as a very nurturing environment, where “everyone is encouraged to express themselves, which is such a lovely atmosphere to work in.”

Graduating in 2013, Green picked up the Grazia/Liberty Fashfactor award, set up her own label and acquired sponsorship from Santoni Shanghai; in 2015 hers is one of just ten labels nominated in the Lycra Future Designers category as part of the WGSN Global Fashion Awards (taking place next month).

“I’ve always had a strong interest in art and, from a young age, experimenting with my clothing. I studied art throughout school and college, focusing on textiles and fabric manipulation,” she offers, when quizzed on the choice of knitwear as a medium. “My nan, Nanny B, taught me to knit at a young age and has always been one of my style icons. My love of experimenting with knitwear developed during my foundation and followed onto my degree.”

Said experimentation, the sort that places C.V.G aesthetically somewhere in-between Mark Fast, House of Holland and Sibling, extends to an elaborate accessories collection too; if you don’t recognise her name, a certain transparent backpack might have caught your attention instead.

Not dislike a submarine window, the Bubble Rucksack has played host to the designer’s own pet fish, elsewhere appearing in bubblegum glad editorials. Does she ever worry the accessories (see also faux fur clad pool slides), might overshadow the label’s knitwear efforts?

“Not at all, my accessories are an integral part of the story for my work,” she reasons. “I have always been interested in developing accessories and this will continue to be a fundamental part of expressing my inspirations within my collections.”

Existing in a world of pastels, inflatables, cacti and glitter, kitsch for C.V.G comes across as king, and like many of her contemporaries (see Molly Goddard and Samantha McCoach’s Le Kilt), nostalgia is a prominent tool in the research process.

Memories of Cassandra’s childhood, of colours and textures, stories she’s heard, movies she’s seen and feelings once experienced, all throw up ideas that land somewhere in the collections.

Painting the C.V.G girl as playful, energetic and dynamic, Green reckons Yolandi, Bjork and Tilda Swinton could each do with some love from the label; elsewhere on the style spectrum, Pixie Lott has already picked up the memo, donning a swirly number from SS15’s ‘Back to the Future’ collection.

Now her own boss (and boasting the monikers founder and owner), Cassandra Verity Green is working closely with her Santoni Shanghai sponsors (Instagram reports factory visits), developing a training program for other knitwear designers, something she’s readily excited to be a part of.

And after that? “Continuing to develop CVG and collaborating with emerging creatives is my long term goal.”

Words: Zoe Whitfield
Photos: Abi Green



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