The brand launches their new store with an exclusive T-shirt.

An interior made up of grey and white walls with bright wooden panels, clothes hung up two a piece and colour coded, denim with it’s own space and hats in a neat few lines. This is the view to which customers at the new Carhartt WIP store shall be treated, once past the matte black exterior.

The shop marks the brand’s debut in the midlands-situated in The Bruges in Coventry-and its concept was developed by Bodrul Khalique and Murray Aitken. It was their idea to maintain a level of contrast within the store’s walls using both natural and industrial materials.

Most appealing of all about the launch was the release of an exclusive tee, available only on a visit to the shop. A ‘My mum went to Coventry and all I got was this lousy T-shirt’ type thing, for those whose mothers know better. Featuring part of the city’s coat of arms-the Elephant and Castle-it beats south London’s interpretation hands down.


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