The menswear label collaborates with Fresh Britain.
Ben Sherman

A three part film series announces Ben Sherman’s AW14 collection, shot in collaboration with brand specialist Fresh Britain.

Focusing attentions on The Original Button Up – debuted in 1963 – the first of the trilogy, titled ‘Preparation’ follows George, a Senior Officer in the British Special Forces as he prepares for the day.



“I find that preparation banishes any temptation to slide into laziness right from the start,” says an actor’s voice, as the camera glides over a red motorbike, above.

‘Buttoning Up’, the notion that inspired the series (also a modus operandi of the brand), informs the display as much as it does George’s own life; the polite angles and disciplined imagery, the pride that here exudes via the simplest of steps.

It’s this that Ben Sherman presumably hopes to reclaim with the latest campaign, championing a tidy way of living, highlighted by the art of buttoning up.


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