London brand hooks up with erotic paperback.

We see a lot of collaborations at Clash-as this site is evidence of-but never have we seen a selection of cotton T-shirts appear so sensual; it comes down to one of the partners, Baron. An erotic paperback only on its second issue, the T-shirts (and sweatshirts) mark a collaborative effort with the menswear brand, Blood Brother.

One of Blood Brother’s defining features is that it’s not simply a brand, instead seeing itself as more of a platform for talented creative folk. The collaboration then, is a perfect example of this featuring work from a selected group of artists; the look book itself-from which the image above appears-was shot by Clash regular, Oliver Hadlee Pearch.

The artists in question, whose work has been splashed across some fine jersey (we are told), include Viktor Hackmang, Tyrone LeBon and Eva Strenram; Jonathan Baron’s ‘ZombieBride’ artwork appears too. In brief, Hackmang is inspired by 60s Pyschedelia and 80s Postmodern, London based LeBon began with a film on MTV and Stenram sees photography as “a medium of inconstancy and transformation”. Ultimately, the collection will seduce you. 

Available from oki-ni and Selfridges.


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