The label introduces a new look website via this two minute clip.
Bernstock Speirs: Bunny Love

Could there be a more apt title for millinery pair Bernstock Speirs’s new short film, ‘Bunny Love’? Clash is inclined to say no chance mate, such is the presence of the label’s infamous bunny cap, claiming fans in Tilda Swinton and Susie Bubble since its introduction several years ago.

Produced to celebrate the arrival of the new look Bernstock Speirs website – some seven years after Paul and Thelma first embraced their own e-commerce platform – the short was directed by Paris born London based photographer, Romain Sellier.




“It is a comedy,” Thelma assured the crowd who gathered for its premiere on Tuesday night. It’s also incredibly charming and wonderfully played out, referencing both Cousin It and Dorothy’s ruby slippers, all in a recognisable east London setting.  

All that and Speirs makes her shopkeeper-cum-fairy godmother screen debut, soundtracked by her own ukulele skills. As one does.


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