Bella Hadid Announced As The New Face Of Swarovski

Transformative luxury...

Bella Hadid sparkles as the new face of Swarovski. In a new campaign that expresses the intermingling opulent and captivating natures of both Bella and Swarovski crystals, the brand proves why Swarovski has become the jewellery brand of the moment.

Photographed by iconic fashion duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, Bella embodies the transformative and versatile nature of the brand. “Bella Hadid sums up the individualistic and transformative of a new global generation,” said Giovanna Engelbert of the partnership. “She goes from sporty to glamorous while remaining the same girl – the same Bella – with confidence and authority. In that sense, she conveys the values of Swarovski to perfection.”

Bella also voiced her excitement for the campaign: “I was very familiar with Swarovski already. It really is such a timeless and iconic brand. I love the new collections and what the brand has been doing, especially these past two years under the creative vision of Giovanna, and I really see Swarovski as the contemporary jewellery brand of the future. Jewellery is about expression and celebrating individuality – Swarovski celebrates all people and the idea of modern glamour, and I love that.”

Swarovski paired each colour in the collection with a different facet and reflection of Bella the muse. Each colour has been extracted from the inner hues of a crystal and employed to reflect a different aspect of her personality. Check out the campaign below and insights into each pairing.


Bella Hadid Announced As The New Face Of Swarovski

Yellow: Sporty Bella highlights the energetic and invigorating properties of yellow in an upbeat and affirmative styling proposition centred around the Lucent Family’s full cut crystals which radiate pure sunlight. The bold, joyful pieces celebrate colour in its most vibrant form. Additionally, Bella Hadid wears Matrix earrings, and Harmonia, Millenia and Ortyx necklaces.


Bella Hadid Announced As The New Face Of SwarovskiPink: Sweet Bella captures the bubbly and girly codes of pink with empowered overtones reflective of the colour’s sweet but potent impact. As a counterpart to her cheeky look, Bella Hadid wears Lucent hoops constructed in bold rings of octagonal crystals – designed as a quintessential element of a modern wardrobe – Lucent ear cuffs, Millenia and Gema necklaces, and an Orbita stud earring.


Bella Hadid Announced As The New Face Of SwarovskiGreen: Cool Bella epitomizes a casual approach to crystal jewellery in a styling language inspired by the inherently natural and carefree qualities of the colour green. Symbolic of growth and process, green embodies the values of a new generational attitude. Paired with a cropped hoodie, Millenia green necklaces and bracelets evoke the impact of layered chains. Here, two Millenia necklaces are joined to create a long drop chain effect, illustrating the flexibility of the design. They are complemented by Gema earrings, a Lucent bracelet, and Millenia clip earrings.


Bella Hadid Announced As The New Face Of SwarovskiBlue: Bohemian Bella embraces the serene and soothing effects of blue in a chilled-out, insouciant and carefree attitude to styling. Effortlessly stylish, she freely mixes dress codes and adds her own laidback touches of glamour. On Bella Hadid, it’s an approach illustrated in stacks of the agelessly versatile Millenia bracelet worn with a matching necklace, Lucent hoops, and Lucent rings.


Bella Hadid Announced As The New Face Of SwarovskiMetallic: Sunshine Bella expresses the joyful glamour at the heart of Swarovski through the slick impact of metallics and pavé stones. The mood embodies the dazzling and alluring mood of holidays bathed in shimmering sunlight with the Dextera Family’s geometric fusion of masculine metal and precision-cut pavé as its focal point. Additionally, Bella Hadid wears light summer layers of Millenia – necklace and bracelet, a Dextera bracelet, and Numina rings.


Bella Hadid Announced As The New Face Of SwarovskiClear White: Glam Bella is the ballroom beauty of a brave new era where glamour is a joyful state of mind. As an evolution of the classic language of clear crystal jewellery, so connected to the idea of old-world glamour, Bella Hadid portrays an assertive and highly confident approach to occasion dressing, embodied by the elegant Harmonia Family’s necklace and choker. With their oversized cushion-cut crystals in suspended settings, the pieces give the illusion of floating stones.


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