Clash travel to Sweden with the brand to hang out with Dismantle.

It can be hard to get in the mood for a rave when outside it’s still light and the next day you have work, but on Tuesday this is exactly what Boxfresh did. With the help of a few friends who go by the names of Benga, Mele, Tayo, Route 94 and Dismantle, the brand launched their latest campaign on London, Before Monday Comes.

‘Before Monday Comes basically means the weekend to me, working and DJing I guess,’ Dismantle told us a month before Tuesday’s Dalston affair. We were in Stockholm with the DJ and producer, invited by Boxfresh to indulge in Sweden’s good times.

It’s the first stop on a tour that will see the Brighton resident embrace Berlin, Bejing, New York and London. Road testing the best bars, dancing at the coolest clubs, and in Stockholm’s case, enjoying a hot tub with a film crew in tow before downing a few cans on a boat that can only be described as, literally beyond.

In press shots Will-as he is known away from glaring posters-can be seen favouring a camel coloured duffle coat. In our 48 hours together (in which the sun is company for most), his look is that of Boxfresh poster boy, donning a denim shirt for a secret rave in the middle of, as much as our Swedish informs us, nowhere, and shorts and a T-shirt for the boat party.

It’s a look that suits him-casual, easy going-and one that highlights the brand’s recent design efforts to great effect. A quick look through the AW13 look book around the dinner table has our hearts throbbing for the Benntel jacket and our toes tapping in admiration of the Charlz desert boots.

When we finally get to talk in the hotel bar-Clash on the cola, Will sipping a rum and Coke, raspberry sorbet in a bowl in front-it’s clear he hasn’t slept. Last we heard in fact, he was climbing out of a hotel window while Jackmaster played a bedroom set somewhere on the fourth floor.

So, how did the project come about? ‘I got an email from my manager about four weeks ago, saying Boxfresh are doing this project-it was quite a brief email-just saying they’re doing this project, they’d like you to do a screen test up in Shoreditch with a camera crew,’ he says. ‘It was the first proper time I’ve done this sort of thing.’

A few meetings followed and before he knew it his menacing festival schedule was intercepted by a semi-world tour. With this in mind, his thoughts are already on taking time off. ‘I mean, I treat every trip as a holiday, but obviously it’s work as you don’t get to do much sightseeing or chilling.’ Top of his list? The Bahamas.

Like the rest of us on team Before Monday Comes, he quickly falls for Stockholm, ‘I love it here,’ he gushes. ‘The weather has played a major part in it-I think the vibe would be completely different if it was raining-but it’s a beautiful city and everyone here is so friendly.’ 

We’re inclined to agree, and for the remainder of our trip hope that Monday doesn’t come too quickly.

Words: Zoe Whitfield

Watch Boxfresh x Dismantle: Before Monday Comes here


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