Beach London x ASOS

Newness from the east London gallery.

Venture off Brick Lane onto Cheshire Street, and en route to Beyond Retro you will pass Beach London.

Not to be confused with that hairdressers in Dalston of the same name (minus a consonant), Beach London is a gallery cum shop cum agency for illustrators and designers.

With the help of Beach London practitioners are taken down a fine art route, with exhibitions and publications all part and parcel of the process.

Their latest triumph however, sees four of the artists on their roster collaborate with ASOS on a range of T-shirts, as part of the ecommerce store’s continued endorsement of the creative arts.

Names include Tom Edwards, Ellie Andrews, T-Slates and the duo Bonjour Jean Jacques, while designs range from white illustrations on baggy black V-neck tees to colourful cropped tie-dye numbers.

Next up on the Beach London calendar will be ‘Draw a Penis and Run Away’, an exhibition from Spanish artist Pau Sampera, running from 7th November.

Advertised via a magical pink poster exhibiting a roughly mastered vase with apparent biro markings and the artist’s name above in Nirvana’s iconic font, the show will debut a new catalogue of Sampera’s crude take on traditional sculpture and painting.

Now that's two reasons to take a detour.


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