Casio's female arm taps Nellie Eden and Claire Burman's little black book.

If 2015 was the year of grand gestures, 2016 is the year said gestures get backed up, at least where Baby-G is concerned.

Sister brand to the iconic G-Shock – Mr Ibe’s original hardcore timepiece – last year saw the nostalgia inducing label mark its 21st anniversary with a confident return to the spotlight; new models, epic parties, and the arrival of the Pretty Tough zine each helping it to shine a little brighter.

A year on, Pretty Tough Girl is back for a second round, and this time it’s been curated by BabyFace, the all girl gang collective and creative agency set up by Claire Burman and Nellie Eden in 2014.

Having already poured their talents into projects for Evisu and the like, the duo’s latest venture further taps into the core of their practice, filling Pretty Tough zine two with the women who epitomise BabyFace: photographer Vicky Grout, designer Charlotte Simone and lipstick pioneer MDMflow amongst them.

“We’re so honoured to have worked with all the women featured and to have come together with Baby-G, a brand we’ve looked up to since we were children,” explain Burman and Eden of the hook up.

Elsewhere the brand has tapped another of issue one’s pretty tough girls, as the photographer Francesca Allen shoots a new editorial: our favourites pictured above.


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