The designer looks to her youth for inspiration.

“This collection is very personal to me. It’s a man I know well,” the press release read for Lou Dalton’s ten o’clock show, the opening slot of London Collections: Men, proper.

Like the Grenson boot collaboration, worn across all 20 looks, it’s a slot in which Dalton has delivered for several seasons now, and one that’s done her well, setting the pace for the rest of the three day event.

Lucky then, that the clothes themselves were of such a high standard (another Dalton tradition). The early start meaning the collection hit the evening papers, offering a hint of ‘fashion’ to ‘non fashion’ led men; a not so scary first impression to an industry that can be known to leave others baffled if not bewildered.

Taking the farmhands of her youth for inspiration, Lou Dalton’s version incorporated thick cream rollnecks and fairisle knits of red or green.

Denim was bleached either light blue or red, and paired with the aforementioned boots to further indulge the 80s streak she touched upon for AW13. The addition of camouflage – proper camouflage you’d find in an army surplus store as opposed to the digitalised stuff – peered out from below more knits.

Full looks of a single colour or texture were an ongoing theme, with denim upon denim, doubled up corduroy, and two suits featuring zip turtleneck collars that felt quite 2000; it was a look you could imagine enjoying with an Adidas shell toe below.

The overall outcome was more casual than in previous seasons – especially where the denim and knit combos were concerned – however the tailoring that kickstarted Lou’s career (and for which she is most known), was clearly visible too, minus any sign of a smartening tie. 

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