Three by three.

Beginning abruptly and with several empty seats – an unfortunate factor of the 9am start time many reckoned, not helped by the venue’s detour of the two LC:M staple venues – J.W. Anderson AW14 started strong, living up to its ‘hot ticket’ reputation.

The first three looks matched save for colourway, featuring broad tunics with an angular topline in clean shades of red, black and camel. Asymmetric straps followed – again in longer tunic styles – as did a sea of accessories.

Leather bucket bags, tortoiseshell box clutches, cuffs featuring a simple but seductive white circle, and bangles of gaffer tape, each silver lined. Glasses were introduced for the first time, with wired two-tone frames of blue and red hinting at the 1940s, an idea encouraged by the neat centre partings that featured.

Footwear went a step further – higher? – than in seasons prior, taking their cue from 70s platforms; an era in which sartorial rules adhered to a similar school of thought as Jonathan Anderson’s in relation to gender.

Where a year ago ruffle hemmed shorts, ‘boobtube’ tops and dresses caused intrigue and confusion, this time around floral brocade suits created the biggest diversion from the norm; Anderson’s norm, veering away from the block colours and solid prints usually associated with the label.

Full looks of tweed were another new idea, again shown in three different colours, a practice – tripling things – regularly exercised on J.W. Anderson’s Instagram account and displayed here several times over.

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