Starring Cara Delevingne, Martin Garrix, & Li Yifeng...

What do supermodel turned actress Cara Delevingne, international DJ and producer Martin Garrix, and singer / actor Li Yifeng have in common? Aside from being young, famous, beautiful, and multi-talented… well, there’s also AX.

Armani’s most youth-anchored line has begun re-establishing itself as a key player in Italian streetwear, with a new individualistic focus. Spearheading this re-boot, the three stars have been captured by photographer Sabine Villiard in super simple black and white shots that allow each of their personalities to shine.

Whilst Garrix and Yifeng are naturals in front of the camera, Delevinge - who with a growing career in Hollywood, now only makes rare appearances as a model, is something of a show-stealer. Aside from her ice blond 80s crop, her AX logo eyepatch seems to mark a new effort from the brand to push style parameters.


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