ARK/8 Delves Further Into ‘The Lands Between’ for Second Elden Ring Collection

The luxury streetwear brand continues to explore the virtual realm through fashion with photographer Luca Mastroianni.

Luxury streetwear brand ARK/8 continues to explore innovative pathways between gaming and fashion with its new Elden Ring capsule titled ‘The Lands Between’. This collection is the latest expression of the creative world blending from founder and creative director Dimitri van Eetvelde, who has been testing the limits of fashion and gaming through clothing collections steeped in gaming and pop culture lore since 2019. 

This second Elder Ring capsule from ARK/8 delves further into the dystopian world-building of the first. The brand cites a “renaissance surrealism” that captivates the imagination with a range of tie-dye slogan t-shirts and sweatshirts. The immersive campaign utilises Belgian photographer Luca Mastroianni’s elevated futurism and experimental lens to invite viewers into the depths of the Elder Ring world. Mastroianni draws on a rich tapestry of artistic references including futurism and surrealism, interwoven with references to nature, religious iconography and fantasy. 

“In art and fashion in general, I’m very inspired by illustrations and paintings, from any style and period in history. I like my photos to look like paintings and unreal. On top of that, I like nature, futurism, surrealism, religious imagery and fantasy,” comments Mastroianni, offering insight into his creative process.” says Mastroianni.

With each new collection, ARK/8 builds on a world of creativity and bold, evolutionary ideas with classic sartorial sensibilities. The meticulously printed words on each slogan top reference the font and words present in the real game and contribute to the elevated finish of the capsule. Since the beginning, ARK/8 has prioritised ethical, responsible design, production and social welfare, and continues to honour the Responsibility Pillars listed on its website. 

Set in a dark colour palette with black clouds enveloping the clothing, this collection transports wearers to the dystopian world of Elden Ring, allowing sensibilities to take over with phrases like ‘POISON’, ‘SCARLET ROT’, and ‘YOU DIED’ to dominate. 

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