Jean Touitou's latest release bears an intriguing title.

Douche, a ‘device used to introduce a stream of water into the body for medical or hygienic reasons, or the stream of water itself’ (Wikipedia).

Douchbag, ‘someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and asshole, however not yet reached fucker or motherfucker’ (Urban Dictionary).

The latest release from A.P.C. matches neither of these descriptions (rejoice), but it does share a way with words.

As the label’s founder, Jean Touitou explains: “I find it difficult to write about this, since it’s impossible to translate the French expression ‘mise en abyme’ – but that’s what it is. So I will simply say this about the ‘Douche Bag’ bag…”

“Product description: an excellent all-purpose pouch, for men. (Women can use it too). The name meaning: those who know don’t say, and those who say don’t know.”

Essentially it’s a man bag for those gentlemen whose everyday aesthetic fears noise and clutter; for whom a logo emblazoned zip pouch would disturb the feng shui of his carefully selected indigo jean and sky blue knit. A throwback to the cotton bag you may or may not have placed your PE kit in, reborn in leather.


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