Clarks Originals

Clarks Originals celebrated their shared passion for music by creating their first ever London pop-up store on February 7th.

Clash have brought five unique talents to the table as we welcome Pete and the Pirates, Summer Camp, Fyfe Dangerfield from the Guillemots, Cloud Control and The Pierces.

Strummerville joined the fun with The Supernovas, The Joker and the Thief, The Riff Raff, Nimmo and the Gauntletts and Real Fur. All played a series of exclusive in-store pop-up gigs at the Clarks Originals store at 101 Regents Street from February 15th-20th.

If this wasn't enough. The Big Gig kicked off at 7.30pm on the 17th of February at London's Bath House, Liverpool St as we presented the cream of the week's musicians as well as a headliner by Guillemots. Enter now to win your free tickets.

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