• White Hinterland

    Experimental US act that blends jazz with just about every other genre going.
  • White Lies

    New UK indie band signed to Fiction Records.


    White Lies

  • Why?

    Why? became a full band before their 2005 release 'Elephant Eyelash', with Doug McDiarmid and (the now departed) Matt Meldon, as well as Yoni's older brother Josiah Wolf.
  • Wilco

    Jeff Tweedy gives the impression that this new album is like a completely fresh start, for the band, as well as himself.
  • Wild Beasts

    The four boys of Wild Beasts aren't concerned with being of the modern, or being of the renaissance, being baggy pantsed or being tight pantsed, being in a scene or being in a place.
  • Wildbirds And Peacedrums

    The liberated abandon of Wildbirds & Peacedrums’ primitive soul music strikes an immediate and invigorating chord, as anyone who has seen them over the past year will attest.
  • William

    Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement are key touchstones, but there are elements of The Minutemen and Violent Femmes in William's melodic bass lines and insistent drumming.
  • Willie Isz

    Jneiro Jarel and Khujo Goodie? Who would have figured?
  • Willy Mason

    Critics often greet new and promising artists with grandiose statements as to the merits of their work and potential, often to the detriment of the artist.
  • Windy & Carl

    Carl Hultgren and Windy Weber craft delicate music that recalls Cocteau Twins - it's slight, soothing and most delightful.
  • Winnebago Orchestra

    Beautiful modern take on folk music. The band layer acooustic and electric instruments with brass, electronica and much studio trickery to produce something truly unique.
  • Wintermute

    Bubbling on the domestic underground for some time, 2009 sees the release of the much-admired Wintermute's debut album, 'Robot Works'.
  • Wintersleep

    Now onto their third album 'Welcome To The Night Sky', Canada's Wintersleep have become a cult success in their native homeland and are set to tour the UK in February 09.
  • Wire

    Hugely influencial punk legends, now reformed for more hi-jinks